A brief summary and link to all my stories (in and out of Medium) in chronological order

A few journals and stationary. The journal at the center is red and has “2021” inscribed on its cover.

I wrote about the effects marijuana farms can have on animals & the reasons why we know so little about this topic.

Prior to the publication of this study, Nigeria was thought to have 100 hippos. …


When it comes to large trees, it turns out there are a lot more out there than we thought.

A tree towers above the forest canopy. The tree has only half its branches with leaves, the other half are naked.

Large trees are a common ingredient in the collective imagination of “a rainforest”: large trees, lots of humidity, twisted lianas, a monkey calling…

But it turns out we know surprisingly little about those giant trees, despite their important role within the rainforest.

One of the reasons we know little about…

In the name of sustainability, some brands are slamming the door in the faces of low-income customers.

A transfeminine non-binary person and transmasculine gender-nonconforming person looking at a phone with upset expressions

For many people living on a budget, Black Friday & Cyber Monday can be both a nightmare (if they are working on warehouses or retail during those days) or an opportunity (if you need to buy necessary but expensive goods).

During Cyber Monday, buying things like a computer to study…

Science Stories | Animal behaviours

While cubs were less likely to get infected, those that did get infected showed dangerous behaviours

A hyaena cub stands in the green grass alone.

Toxoplasma gondii is one of the most famous parasites to inhabit the collective imagination; its coolness factor is only a notch or two below the infamous “ant zombie” cordyceps.

It is also a prevalent parasite that literally inhabits our bodies. Infection rates vary widely by region, from around 11% in…

That was a very interesting read and video!

I would like to point out something though: earthworms in N. America are introduced. There were worms once upon a time in N. America, but they (mostly) disappeared long before colonization.

When colonization started, earthworms were introduced from the soil used as ship ballast and afterwards from agricultural and horticultural products amongst others.

So the part they play in the places of N. America they have colonized is a lot more about disturbing the soil ecosystem than playing a vital part on it.

SCIENCE STORIES | Animal behaviours

Asian elephants will work together to get food — as long as the spoils are shared.

The set-up is simple. An out-of-reach bench with food on it. In order to get the food, you need to partner up with someone. There is no way that just one of you on your own can get the food close enough to grab it.

If this set-up was done…

Maria Gatta

Biologist writing about science and providing consulting for ttrpgs and videogames.

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